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Product Hunting Criteria Your Ultimate Checklist –

Product Hunting Criteria Your Ultimate Checklist –

This product hunting criteria checklist not only for but you can apply this method for any ecommerce platform for product hunting

When hunting for products on, using a checklist can help ensure that you find the most suitable items that meet your needs and preferences. Here’s a comprehensive Daraz product hunting

How to Find the Best Products on A Comprehensive Checklist

A Step-by-Step Guide to Product Hunting on

Criteria Checklist:

1. Product Category:

Identify the specific category or subcategory of the product you are searching for, such as electronics, fashion, home appliances, etc.

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2. Product Name/Keyword:

Enter relevant keywords or the product name in the search bar to narrow down your search.


3. Product Ratings and Reviews:

Check the product’s ratings and read customer reviews to gauge its quality and performance.


4. Seller Reputation:

Look for products from reputable sellers with a history of positive feedback and customer satisfaction.


5. Price Range:

Set your preferred price range to find products that fit your budget.

6. Product Specifications:

Review the product specifications to ensure it meets your requirements and preferences.

7. Brand Preference:

If you have a specific brand in mind, filter the search results accordingly.

8. Discounts and Deals:

Look for products on sale or with attractive discounts to save money on your purchase.

9. Shipping and Delivery:

Check the estimated delivery time and shipping charges for the product.

10. Return and Refund Policy:

Familiarize yourself with the seller’s return and refund policy in case you need to return or exchange the product.

11. Product Authenticity:

Verify that the product is authentic and not counterfeit.

12. Images and Descriptions:

Examine the product images and read the descriptions to get a clear idea of what you are buying.

13. Availability:

Ensure that the product is in stock and available for purchase.

14. Compare Similar Products:

Compare similar products to find the one that best suits your requirements.

15. Warranty Information:

Check if the product comes with a warranty and understand its terms and coverage.

16. Customer Questions and Answers:

Review customer questions and seller responses to gain additional insights about the product.

17. Product Videos:

Watch any available product videos to see the item in action and understand its features better.

18. Product Certification:

Look for products with relevant certifications for quality and safety standards.

By following this checklist, you can efficiently navigate through’s vast product inventory and find the best items that match your requirements, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience on the platform.

How to Start an Ecommerce Business in Pakistan in 2023

How to Start an Ecommerce Business in Pakistan in 2023


Ecommerce Business in Pakistan is expected to grow significantly in 2023 According to a report by E-Commerce DB, the market revenue is expected to reach USD 6.4 billion, growing at a CAGR of 6.23%. This growth is being driven by a number of factors,


Increasing Internet and Smartphone Access:

The number of Internet users in Pakistan has grown rapidly in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue. In 2023, it is estimated that more than 100 million people in Pakistan will have access to the Internet. This will create a large pool of potential customers for the ecommerce business.

Changing user preferences:

Pakistani consumers are increasingly preferring online shopping for various reasons. These include the convenience of shopping from home, the wide selection of products available online, and the competitive prices offered by many eCommerce retailers.

The Rise of Mobile Commerce Business:

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, is becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. In 2022, more than 50 percent of e-commerce transactions in Pakistan will be done through mobile devices. This is due to the fact that people are increasingly using their smartphones to access the internet and shop online.

Growing Middle Class:

The middle class in Pakistan is growing rapidly. In 2022, the middle class was more than 30% of the population. This has created a large pool of consumers with disposable income who are willing to shop online.

Increasing consumer awareness:

Pakistani consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of online shopping. They are realizing that they can save time and money by shopping online, and they can also access a wider range of products.

All these factors are contributing to the growth of e-commerce business in Pakistan. In 2023, the market is expected to grow significantly, and Pakistan is likely to become one of the fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world.

Starting an Ecommerce Business in Pakistan

Starting an Ecommerce business in Pakistan can be an exciting and profitable venture. With the growing popularity of online shopping and the growth of digital transactions, the ecommerce industry in Pakistan has seen significant growth in recent years. If you are considering starting your e-commerce business in Pakistan in 2023

How to Launch a Successful Ecommerce Business in Pakistan: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Identify your niche.

• Research various product categories and market trends to identify a profitable niche for your e-commerce business.
• When selecting a niche, take your interests, abilities, and target market into account.
• Assess the competition within your chosen niche and find ways to differentiate your business.

2. Conduct market research.

• Analyze the demand and potential market size of your chosen location in Pakistan.
• Identify your target audience and their preferences, purchasing behavior, and online shopping habits.
• Study your competitors to understand their strategies, pricing and customer base.
• Conduct surveys, interviews, or focus groups to gather insights from potential customers.

3. Create a business plan

• Define your business goals, objectives and strategy.
• Outline your product sourcing, inventory management, and fulfillment processes.
• Develop a marketing and promotion plan to effectively reach your target audience.
• Estimate your financial needs, including start-up costs, operating costs, and income projections.

4. Set up your online store.

  • Choose a reliable e-commerce platform or create a custom website for your online store.
  • For this, a website can be developed in WordPress or Shopify.
  • if you have no expertise in building e-commerce websites?
  • Visit The Xperts Pakistan, they can help you build ecommerce platform and also help for grow your ecommerce Business in pakistan.
  • Customize your website design, including branding, product categories, and user experience.
  • Set up secure payment gateways to ensure secure transactions for your customers.
  • Integrate inventory management and order fulfillment systems to streamline operations.

if you don’t want to invest to create the website at start of business, you can use these FREE Platforms to start your Local eCommerce Business in Pakistan

5. Source Products and Inventory.

  • Identify reliable suppliers and manufacturers for your products. Prefer the local market.
  • Negotiate favorable terms and prices for product sourcing.
  • Maintain proper inventory management practices to avoid stockouts or excess inventory.
  • Consider drop shipping or print-on-demand services to reduce upfront inventory costs.

6. Develop a marketing strategy.

• Use social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, Tiktok to build an online presence and engage with your target audience.
• Apply search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve your website’s visibility in search engine results.
• Leverage email marketing campaigns to nurture customer relationships and drive repeat business.
• Collaborate with influencers or bloggers to promote your products and increase brand awareness.

7. Provide excellent customer service.

• Offer multiple channels for customer support, such as live chat, email, or phone WhatsApp.
Respond promptly to customer inquiries, complaints and feedback.
• Ensure that clients have a simple and secure checkout process and offer COD service.
Implement a reliable order tracking system to keep customers informed of their purchases.

8. Monitor and analyze performance.

• Track key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of your e-commerce business, such as sales revenue, conversion rates, website traffic, and customer acquisition costs.
• Make use of analytics software to learn about customer preferences and behavior.
• Make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing strategies and improve overall business performance.

Here are some additional tips for starting an eCommerce business in Pakistan in 2023:

  • Use a payment processor (COD)

This will make it easier for your customers to pay for their purchases.

  • Offer free shipping or a flat shipping rate.

This will help reduce shipping costs for your customers.

  • Partner with a local logistics company.

This will ensure that your products are delivered to your customers quickly and safely.

  • Market your business to Pakistani customers.

Use social media, online advertising, and print advertising to reach your target audience.

  • Provide excellent customer service.

This is essential for any successful e-commerce business.


Starting an eCommerce business is a great way to start your own business and become your own boss. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that success requires effort and commitment. If you are willing to try, you can build a successful e-commerce business that will provide you with a great source of income. The xperts Pakistan can help you start and grow your e-commerce business in Pakistan, and if you want to know more about e-commerce, you can join free and premium courses.

How you can fix the error “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11” 3 Ways to Fix Error

How you can fix the error “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11” 3 Ways to Fix Error

How you can fix the error “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11” 3 Ways to Fix Error

There are many different types of Errors

how to check whether your PC is compatible with Windows 11 or not “Check our other article” through Microsoft’s PC Health Check tool. However, many people have been getting the “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11” message despite having powerful specifications. Well, here are easy ways to fix the “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11″ error in the PC Health Check application.

Fix “PC Can’t Run Windows 11” Error in PC Health Check

Minimum System Requirements for Windows 11

Before we start, make sure your computer supports the minimum requirements for Windows 11. If your PC is running too old specs, it won’t be compatible with the new OS. Below are the minimum system requirements:

  • A modern 64-bit processor
  • 1GHz clock speed, at least 2 cores
  • 4GB of RAM and 64GB Drive
  • UEFI, Secure Boot capable
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0 or newer
  • 9-inch display with a minimum resolution of 1366 x 768
  • Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
  • List of IntelAMD, and Qualcomm processors that support Windows 11

Previously, Microsoft mentioned TPM 1.2 as the minimum requirement. However, it is now removed while keeping TPM 2.0 as the current minimum requirement.

Why Am I Getting “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11” Error?

Almost all modern computers are compatible with Windows 11. However, despite having a supported device, the Health Check app may show the “This PC Can’t Run Windows 11” error for you.

Possible Reasons for Windows 11 Incompatibility Error:

  • Incorrect Report by Health Check tool.
  • TPM is disabled on your computer.
  • Secure Boot is not enabled.

Steps to Fix if Your PC Can’t Run Windows 11

1. Incorrect Report by Health Check App


Update: Microsoft has now updated the compatibility document to correct the guidance around the TPM requirements for Windows 11. The previous minimum requirement of TPM 1.2 has been removed, meaning you now need TPM 2.0 to run Windows 11. Also, the Health Check app has been updated to show the exact reason behind incompatibility.

For starters, Microsoft’s official compatibility document specifies two levels of hardware requirements for the new operating system- ‘Soft Floor’ and ‘Hard Floor.’ The first mentions TPM 2.0, while the other mentions that Windows 11 can also work on TPM 1.2 or newer.

Evidently, the Health Check app checks your machine’s compatibility against the second-floor hardware requirements, which needs TPM 2.0 and 8th Gen Intel & Ryzen 2000 series processors.

But in reality, you can use Windows 11 on devices with TPM 1.2 security and any modern 64-bit dual-core processor with a 1GHz clock speed. So, the “Your PC can’t run Windows 11” message could likely be due to an incorrect analysis by the Health Check app.

Microsoft has already acknowledged this issue and will update its Health Check app in the coming weeks with a better explanation of hardware requirements. “We’re going to improve the PC Health Check app in the next two weeks,” Microsoft said. So, wait for the update in the health check tool. You can download it by visiting the Windows 11 page and checking the “Check Compatibility” space. Once the update is released, we’ll add a direct download link here.

2. Enable TPM from BIOS

TPM or Trusted Platform Module is a security chip designed to provide hardware-based, security-related functions. For starters, TPM has been a requirement since 2016, so there’s a good chance that your PC already has it.

In fact, PCs shipped in the last few years have the TPM 2.0. So, it could be that your computer supports TPM, but it is disabled, causing the Health Check app to report that Windows 11 can’t run on your computer.

If disabled, you’ll have to open the BIOS menu and enable TPM manually.

Check if TPM is Enabled

To check if your computer has the compatible TPM, run the command get-tpm in the PowerShell window.

  1. Open the Start menu and search for Windows Powershell.
  2. Right-click on “Windows PowerShell” and tap Run as Administrator.

Once the window opens, type and enter get-tpm.

  1. Check whether TPM is present and enabled or not.

Alternatively, you can press Win + R, type tpm.msc, and press Enter. Once the TPM Management window opens, check the “Status” and your “TPM Specification Version.”

Enable TPM in BIOS Menu

If TPM is not enabled, you can enable it through the BIOS menu as follows:

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Reboot it and during startup, open the BIOS or UEFI menu by pressing F1, F2, F10, F11, DEL- the key varies depending on the manufacturer- check the user manual or manufacturer’s website for exact information.
  3. Once the BIOS or UEFI menu opens, tap the Security option.
  4. Here, look for TPM and check if it’s enabled. If not, enable it.
  5. Now, make sure to Save and Exit. Then, restart your PC.

You may find the option in Advanced Settings > Security > Trusted Computing or Settings > Miscellaneous > Trusted Computing on some devices.

3. Turn On Secure Boot

Secure Boot is a security standard to help make sure that a device boots using only software that the manufacturer trusts. This helps protect from malware and is usually available on all modern computers.

Your PC must support Secure Boot to be compatible with Windows 11.

Check if Secure Boot is Enabled

To check if Secure Boot is enabled on your computer:

  1. Press Windows+R to open the Run window.
  2. Type and enter msinfo32.

  1. Once the window opens, look for “Secure Boot State.”

if “Secure Boot State.” is on

or “Secure Boot State.” is unsupported

Enable Secure Boot in BIOS Menu

Like TPM, you can  menu.

There are many different types of BIOS

Windows 11 release date, beta and all the new features Describe in – Urdu / Hindi

Windows 11 release date, beta and all the new features Describe in – Urdu / Hindi

What’s the release date for Windows 11?

مائیکرو سافٹ نے ونڈوز 11 کی نقاب کشائی کی ہے ، جس میں بہت ساری نئی خصوصیات کے ساتھ ایک نیا ڈیزائن ڈیزائن کیا گیا ہے۔ ونڈوز 11 اپنے اسٹار کو نئے اسٹارٹ مینو اور گول کونے کے ساتھ تبدیل کرتا ہے ، لیکن اس میں ایک ساتھ میں ایک سے زیادہ ایپس چلانے کے لئے اسنیپ لے آؤٹ سمیت متعدد پیداواری اپ گریڈ بھی شامل ہیں۔
ونڈوز 11 میں آپ کو تازہ ترین خبروں ، مائیکروسافٹ ٹیموں کے انضمام ، اور ایک نیا ونڈوز اسٹور کے ساتھ تازہ دم رکھنے کے لئے بھی نئی چیزیں شامل ہیں۔ پلس ، ونڈوز 11 اینڈروئیڈ ایپس چلا سکتا ہے۔
محفل بہتر انداز کے ل Auto آٹو ایچ ڈی آر کے اضافے کے ساتھ ساتھ براہ راست اسٹوریج سے تعاون یافتہ پی سی کے لئے تیز کارکردگی کی تعریف کرے گی۔ اور کاروباری صارفین اپنی جگہ کھوئے بغیر دوبارہ کام کرنے اور گودی لینے کے قابل ہوجائیں گے۔

Microsoft has unveiled Windows 11, which has been redesigned with many new features. Windows 11 replaces its star with new Start menus and rounded corners, but it also includes several productivity upgrades, including a Snap layout for running multiple apps at once.
Windows 11 also includes the latest news, Microsoft team integration, and new things to keep you updated with the new Windows Store. Plus, Windows 11 can run Android apps.
Gamers will appreciate the added performance of Auto Auto HDR, as well as faster performance for PCs supported by direct storage. And business customers will be able to work and dock again without losing their place.


Windows 11 release date, price, and beta

ونڈوز 11 کی رہائی کی تاریخ ، قیمت اور بیٹا
ونڈوز 11 اس سال کے اختتام ، تعطیلات کے موسم کے قریب پہنچ رہا ہے۔ مائیکرو سافٹ کا کہنا ہے کہ اگر آپ کو ونڈوز 10 پی سی مل جاتا ہے تو ، یہ مفت اپ گریڈ کے طور پر دستیاب ہوگا ، اور چھٹیوں کے دوران ونڈوز 11 پری انسٹال شدہ نئے پی سی بھی دکھائے جائیں گے۔

چاہے آپ کا کمپیوٹر ونڈوز ڈاٹ کام ملاحظہ کرکے اور پی سی ہیلتھ چیک ایپ ڈاؤن لوڈ کرکے مفت ونڈوز 11 اپ گریڈ کا اہل ہے۔ کچھ صارفین ونڈوز 11 میں اپنا پہلا کریک حاصل کرنے کے لئے سال کے آخر تک انتظار نہیں کریں گے۔

مائیکروسافٹ اپنے ونڈوز کے اندرونی پروگرام میں اگلے ہفتے سافٹ ویئر اپ ڈیٹ کا ابتدائی ورژن لانچ کرنے کا ارادہ رکھتا ہے۔ تاہم ، ونڈوز 11 کی تمام خصوصیات کے ساتھ ، یہ مکمل تعمیر نہیں ہوگا۔

Windows 11 is approaching the end of this year, the holiday season. Microsoft says that if you get Windows 10 PC, it will be available as a free upgrade, and new PCs with Windows 11 pre-installed will also be shown during the holidays.

Whether or not your computer is eligible for a free Windows 11 upgrade by visiting and downloading the PC Health Check app. Some users will not wait until the end of the year to get their first crack in Windows 11.

Microsoft plans to launch an initial version of the software update in its Windows internal program next week. However, with all the features of Windows 11, it will not be a complete build.

Windows 11 Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and docking

ونڈوز 11 میں اب سنیپ لے آؤٹ کی خصوصیات ہیں۔ آپ اسنیپ لے آؤٹ کو منتخب کرسکتے ہیں جسے آپ منتخب کرنا چاہتے ہیں تاکہ آپ بیک وقت ایک سے زیادہ ایپس چلائیں۔ مثال کے طور پر ، آپ کے پاس دو ایپس شانہ بہ شانہ ہیں یا تین کالم میں یا چار گرڈ میں ، اور کل میں چھ انتخاب ہیں۔

اگر آپ کبھی کبھی کسی اطلاع کا جواب دینے کے بعد تھوڑا سا کھوئے ہوئے محسوس کرتے ہیں تو ، ونڈوز 11 میں ٹاسک بار میں اسنیپ گروپس کی ایک نئی خصوصیت شامل ہے۔ لہذا آپ اس پیغام کا جواب دینے سے پہلے آپ جو کچھ کر رہے تھے اس پر واپس آسکتے ہیں۔

اسی چیز کا اطلاق ڈاکنگ کے نئے تجربے پر ہوتا ہے۔ اگر آپ کمروں کو منتقل کرنے کے لئے مانیٹر کو پلگ کرتے ہیں تو ، آپ کے مانیٹر پر موجود ونڈوز کم سے کم ہوجائیں گی۔ جب آپ واپس آئیں گے

اور پھر گودی سے دوبارہ جڑیں گے تو ، آپ کی ساری ونڈوز پہلے کی طرح دوبارہ نظر آئیں گی۔

Windows 11 now features Snap Layout. You can select the Snap layout you want to select so that you can run multiple apps at once. For example, you have two apps side by side or in three columns or in four grids, and six choices in total.

If you sometimes feel a little lost after responding to a notification, Windows 11 includes a new SnapGroup feature in the taskbar. So you can go back to what you were doing before replying to this message.

The same applies to the new docking experience. If you plug the monitor to move rooms, the windows on your monitor will be minimized. When you come back and reconnect to the dock, all your windows will look the same again.



Windows 11 design: New design and Start menu

ونڈوز 11 میں ایک نئی شکل اور احساس ہے جو زیادہ پرکشش بلکہ زیادہ صارف دوست ہونے کے لئے ڈیزائن کیا گیا ہے۔ ایک نیا اسٹارٹ بٹن ہے جو مرکز میں رکھا گیا ہے ، اور اسے دبانے سے آپ کو آپ کی حالیہ فائلیں ، دستاویزات اور ایپس دکھائی جاسکتی ہیں۔

ونڈوز 11 وجیٹس کا ایک نیا نیا انتخاب پیش کرتا ہے ، جو مائیکروسافٹ ایج اور اے آئی کے ذریعہ تقویت یافتہ ہے۔ یہ ویجٹ آپ کو اپنے کیلنڈر کو ایک نظر ، موسم ، خبر ، آپ کے کام کی فہرست ، تصاویر اور بہت کچھ دیکھنے میں مدد کرسکتے ہیں۔

وجیٹس آپ کے پاس معلومات کا ایک فیڈ لاتے ہیں جسے آپ ذاتی بن سکتے ہیں ، اور آپ فیصلہ کرسکتے ہیں کہ آپ اسے اپنے ڈیسک ٹاپ پر کس طرح ظاہر کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔ آپ جو کچھ چاہتے ہو اس پر منحصر ہے ، اپنے پاس کسی حصے یا اپنے تمام ڈیسک ٹاپ کا احاطہ کرنے کیلئے آپ کی بارے چیزیں سلائیڈ ہوسکتی ہیں۔

Windows 11 has a new look and feel designed to be more attractive and more user-friendly. There’s a new Start button in the center, and by pressing it you can see your recent files, documents, and apps.

Windows 11 offers a new selection of widgets, powered by Microsoft Edge and AI. These widgets can help you take a look at your calendar, weather, news, your to-do list, photos and more.

Widgets bring you a feed of information that you can personalize, and you can decide how you want it to appear on your desktop. Depending on what you want, you can slide your widgets to cover any part or all of your desktop.


Windows 11 widgets

ونڈوز 11 وجیٹس کا ایک نیا نیا انتخاب پیش کرتا ہے ، جو مائیکروسافٹ ایج اور اے آئی کے ذریعہ تقویت یافتہ ہے۔ یہ ویجٹ آپ کو اپنے کیلنڈر کو ایک نظر ، موسم ، خبر ، آپ کے کام کی فہرست ، تصاویر اور بہت کچھ دیکھنے میں مدد کرسکتے ہیں۔

وجیٹس آپ کے پاس معلومات کا ایک فیڈ لاتے ہیں جسے آپ ذاتی بن سکتے ہیں ، اور آپ فیصلہ کرسکتے ہیں کہ آپ اسے اپنے ڈیسک ٹاپ پر کس طرح ظاہر کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔ آپ جو کچھ چاہتے ہو اس پر منحصر ہے ، اپنے پاس کسی حصے یا اپنے تمام ڈیسک ٹاپ کا احاطہ کرنے کیلئے آپ کی بارے چیزیں سلائیڈ ہوسکتی ہیں۔

Windows 11 offers a new selection of widgets, powered by Microsoft Edge and AI. These widgets can help you take a look at your calendar, weather, news, your to-do list, photos and more.

Widgets bring you a feed of information that you can personalize, and you can decide how you want it to appear on your desktop. Depending on what you want, you can slide your widgets to cover any part or all of your desktop.

Windows 11: Better touch, pen, and voice support

ونڈوز 11 میں ان پٹ کے لئے بہت سارے موافقت پذیر ہوتے ہیں ، خاص طور پر جب اس کی بات ہوتی ہے۔ مثال کے طور پر ، ٹچ بار میں شبیہیں کے درمیان اور بھی جگہ ہے ، جس سے صحیح چیز کو ٹیپ کرنا آسان ہوجاتا ہے۔ اس مقصد کے لئے ، مائیکروسافٹ بڑے رابطے کے اہداف کو بھی شامل کررہا ہے جبکہ بصری اشارے بھی داخل کررہا ہے جس کا مقصد ونڈوز کو زیادہ آسانی سے تبدیل کرنے اور منتقل کرنے میں مدد فراہم کرتا ہے۔

اسکرین کی بورڈ دونوں کو دوبارہ ڈیزائن کیا گیا اور حسب ضرورت ہے۔ اگر آپ اپنی ونڈوز 11 مشین کے ساتھ تعامل کے ل a قلم یا اسٹائلس کا استعمال کرتے ہو تو ، آپ ہپٹیکس کو بہتر بنانے کی توقع کرسکتے ہیں جو آواز محسوس کرتے ہیں اور محسوس کرتے ہیں کہ آپ ایک حقیقی قلم استعمال کررہے ہیں۔

ونڈوز 11 میں مائیکروسافٹ کے ساتھ ٹیکسٹ ان پٹ کے ل voice آواز کی پہچان میں بھی اضافہ ہوا ہے جس میں وائس-ٹو-ٹیکسٹ ٹرانسکرپٹ اور خود کار طریقے سے وقفے وقفے کا وعدہ کیا گیا ہے۔ صوتی کمانڈوں کی بھی تائید ہوتی ہے ، جیسے جب آپ کسی دستاویز میں ہوں تو “اس کو حذف کریں”۔

Windows 11 has a lot of sync for input, especially when it comes to this. For example, the touch bar has more space between icons, making it easier to tap the right thing. To that end, Microsoft is also introducing larger contact targets and visual cues to help Windows change and move more easily.

Both screen keyboards have been redesigned and customized. If you use a pen or stylus to interact with your Windows 11 machine, you can expect to improve the hippocampus that sounds and feels like you’re using a real pen.

Windows 11 has also increased voice recognition for text input with Microsoft, promising voice-to-text transcripts and automatic intervals. Voice commands are also supported, such as “delete it” when you are in a document.

Windows 11: New Windows Store and Android Apps

ونڈوز 11 کے ساتھ ، مائیکروسافٹ مائیکروسافٹ اسٹور کو نئے سرے سے ڈیزائن کررہا ہے ، جس کے ذریعہ آپ تلاش کر رہے ایپس کو تلاش کرنا تیز تر اور آسان بنا دیتا ہے۔ یہ سب ٹھیک اور اچھا ہے ، لیکن اس اعلان سے جس پر سب سے زیادہ توجہ ملے گی وہ یہ ہے کہ ونڈوز 11 کے لئے اینڈرائڈ ایپس براہ راست دستیاب ہوں گی۔

اس سال کے آخر میں ، مائیکروسافٹ کا کہنا ہے کہ آپ مائیکروسافٹ اسٹور میں اینڈرائیڈ ایپس تلاش کرسکیں گے اور ایمیزون ایپ اسٹور کے ذریعہ ان کو ڈاؤن لوڈ کرسکیں گے۔ اس مرحلے پر یہ عمل تھوڑا سا معل soundsق معلوم ہوتا ہے ، لیکن مائیکروسافٹ آنے والے مہینوں میں اس تجربے سے متعلق مزید معلومات افشا کرنے کا وعدہ کر رہا ہے۔

With Windows 11, Microsoft is redesigning the Microsoft Store, making it faster and easier to find the apps you’re looking for. That’s fine – this is a good place to start, but it’s also a great way to get word out that Android apps for Windows 11 will be available directly.

Later this year, Microsoft says you’ll be able to find Android apps in the Microsoft Store and download them through the Amazon App Store. At this point, the process sounds a bit daunting, but Microsoft promises to release more information about the experiment in the coming months.

Windows 11: Teams integration

اگرچہ ونڈوز 11 اب مائیکرو سافٹ کے کچھ مخصوص ایپس کو معیاری کے طور پر شامل نہیں کرے گا ، مائیکروسافٹ ٹیموں کو براہ راست ونڈوز 11 میں ضم کر کے ٹیموں کو زیادہ مرکزی دھارے میں لانے کی کوشش کر رہا ہے۔ مائیکروسافٹ ٹیموں کی جانب سے چیٹ آپ کو ویڈیو کالز کے ذریعے بلکہ ٹیکسٹ یا آواز کے ذریعہ رابطہ قائم کرنے دیتا ہے۔ اور یہ ونڈوز ، اینڈروئیڈ اور آئی او ایس میں کام کرے گا (جب کہ فیس ٹائم کے پاس ایپ نہیں ہوگی لیکن صرف ویب لنکس کے ذریعے کام کریں گے) آپ ٹاسک بار سے براہ راست پیش کرنا بھی شروع کر سکتے ہیں۔

Although Windows 11 will no longer include certain Microsoft apps as standard, Microsoft is trying to bring teams more mainstream by integrating teams directly into Windows 11. Chat from Microsoft Teams lets you connect via video calls but also via text or voice. And it will work in Windows, Android and iOS (while FaceTime will not have an app but will only work via web links). You can also start presenting directly from the taskbar.

Windows 11: System requirements and TPM

According to Microsoft, these are the system requirements for running Windows 11:

  • CPU: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB or larger
  • System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable
  • TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0
  • Graphics card: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver
  • Display: High definition (720p) display that is greater than 9” diagonally, 8 bits per color channel
  • Internet: Windows 11 Home edition requires internet connectivity and a Microsoft account to complete device setup on first use.

Check for compatibility

Use the PC Health Check app to see if your current PC meets the requirements to run Windows 11. If so, you can get a free upgrade when it rolls out.



Calculate Electrical Appliances Watts Load | Power Consumption | Load Calculator

Calculate Electrical Appliances Watts Load | Power Consumption | Load Calculator

Understanding capacity and therefore the load become necessary. if you’re planning to Install UPS, Solar System, or the electrical service for a replacement home, or if you’re considering an electrical service upgrade to an older home. Understanding the load needs will allow you to choose an electrical service with an appropriate capacity. In older homes, it’s extremely common for the prevailing service to be badly undersized for the requirements of all the fashionable appliances and features now in use.


What Is Electrical Load Capacity?

The term “electrical load capacity” refers to the entire amount of power provided by the most source of electricity to be used by your home’s branch circuits and therefore the lights, outlets, and appliances connected to them.
The total electrical capacity of electrical service is measured in amperage (amps). In very old homes with knob-and-tube wiring and screw-in fuses, you’ll find the first electrical service delivers 30 amps. In many homes built after 1960 (or upgraded older homes), 100 amps are the quality serving size. But in large, newer homes, 200-amp service is now as a minimum, and at the very top end, you will see 400-amp electrical service installed.

How does one know if your current electrical service is adequate, or how does one plan for a replacement electrical service? Determining this needs touch math to match the entire available capacity against the likely load which will be placed thereon capacity. (more…)