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Understanding MPPT Charge Controller Prices in Pakistan| The Xperts Pakistan

Understanding MPPT Charge Controller Prices in Pakistan| The Xperts Pakistan

The use of solar energy has grown in popularity as a solution to meet the energy needs of homes and firms in Pakistan, where energy resources can be unreliable. Solar panels can produce clean, renewable energy, but the energy they produce must be carefully controlled. In this situation, MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controllers are helpful. We will review MPPT charge controller prices in Pakistan in this article.

What is MPPT charge controller?

A solar power system must have an MPPT charge controller. Its main function is to improve the efficiency of energy production from solar panels. Solar panels generate direct current (DC) power, and this current varies depending on the temperature and brightness of the sun. The maximum power point of the solar panel is tracked by MPPT charge controllers, ensuring that the system operates at its most efficient level.

How do MPPT charge controllers work?

To better understand how an MPPT charge controller works, consider a solar panel as a water tap. The flow of water represents the electric current generated by the solar panel. Water pressure expresses voltage, while power expresses flow and pressure together.

Now, picture yourself needing to quickly fill the bucket with water. For this, you should adjust the faucet to maintain the proper pressure to flow ratio. If there is too little flow, the bucket will not fill quickly. If there is too much, it may overflow. The area where the bucket fills up the fastest is the best spot. It is the highest power point in the global network of solar panels.

The intelligent “tap controller” in your solar system is an MPPT charge controller. It continuously checks the electrical output of the solar panel and adjusts the voltage and current to maintain the peak power of the system. As a result of this modification, the solar system is overall more efficient, generating and storing more electricity.

Factors Affecting MPPT Charge Controller Prices in Pakistan

Brand and quality: The two most important MPPT charge controller prices are its brand and quality. Established and trusted manufacturers often sell controllers with advanced features and better construction, but they cost more.

Ability: MPPT charge controllers are available in capacities to accommodate a variety of solar configurations. Larger capacity controllers that can manage more solar panels usually cost more than smaller panels.

Features: Some MPPT charge controllers come with additional features such as LCDs, remote monitoring, and data logging. These additional features can significantly affect the price.

performance: Controllers with higher performance ratings are generally more expensive.

Warranty: A longer warranty period is often associated with higher priced MPPT charge controllers. This can be reassuring to consumers, as it provides peace of mind regarding product durability and reliability.

Market demand: Just like any other product, market demand can affect prices. In Pakistan, as the demand for solar energy solutions increases, the prices of MPPT charge controllers may fluctuate accordingly.

MPPT Charge Controller Prices in Pakistan

MPPT charge controller prices in Pakistan can vary widely based on the above factors. On average, you can expect to find MPPT charge controllers in the following price ranges:

Entry-level MPPT charge controllers: These MPPT charge controller prices are suitable for small to medium sized solar setups and are generally priced between PKR 3,000 to PKR 8,000.

Mid-range MPPT charge controllers: These controllers offer better performance and additional features. Mid-range controllers range in price from PKR 8,000 to PKR 20,000.

Advanced MPPT charge controllers: These controllers are designed for large solar installations and often come with advanced features. High-end MPPT charge controller prices can start from PKR 20,000 and go up to PKR 50,000 or more.


MPPT charge controllers play an important role in increasing the efficiency of solar energy systems in Pakistan and understanding MPPT charge controller prices in Pakistan for individuals and businesses looking to invest in solar energy.

While the initial cost of an MPPT charge controller may vary, the long-term benefits of improved energy production and savings on your electricity bills make them a worthwhile investment in the development of Pakistan. Energy landscape. Always be sure to choose a controller that fits your specific solar setup and needs.

inverex 10kw inverter price in pakistan May 2024| The Xperts Pakistan

inverex 10kw inverter price in pakistan May 2024| The Xperts Pakistan

As the world moves towards renewable energy sources, the need for efficient and reliable solar power solutions is increasing. Solar inverters are essential for converting solar energy into electricity for homes and businesses in Pakistan, where power shortages are a common occurrence. Inverex, known for its high-end inverters, is one of the leading brands in the Pakistani solar business. In this article, we review the Inverex 10KW inverter specifications as well as its price and features in the Pakistani market.

Understanding Inverex and their commitment to solar energy

Inverex is a leading Pakistani business focused on manufacturing and marketing solar energy solutions. Thanks to its strong commitment to renewable energy, the company has established itself as a top choice for many people and organizations looking for reliable solar inverters. For those interested in solar energy, Inverex is a one-stop shop as its product line includes inverters, batteries, solar panels, and charge controllers, as well as lithium-ion batteries.

Importance of 10KW inverter

Any solar power system requires a 10KW inverter, especially for medium to large scale systems. This powerful device converts direct current (DC) electricity generated by solar panels into alternating current (AC), which can be used to power homes, offices, factories and other structures. Its capacity makes it suitable for applications where power demand is high as it can handle significant power loads.

Key Features of Inverex 10KW Inverter

Let’s review some of the key features that make the Inverex 10KW inverter an attractive option before delving into the pricing details:

  1. High performance: Due to their excellent efficiency, Inverex inverters can optimize the power generated by your solar panels, resulting in cost savings.
  2. Advanced monitoring: Many Inverex inverters feature advanced monitoring technologies that enable users to monitor their solar power output and system performance in real-time via mobile apps or web platforms.
  3. Durability: These inverters are designed to withstand extreme weather in Pakistan, providing long-lasting performance.
  4. Safety: Inverex places a high premium on safety features such as over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, and temperature management to reduce the risk of electrical accidents.
  5. Grid compatibility: Because Inverex inverters often work with grid-connected systems, excess energy can be sold back into the grid, potentially leading to greater savings.

Inverex 10kw Inverter Price in Pakistan

Now let’s discuss Inverex 10KW Inverter Price in Pakistan, which is the main issue. It’s important to keep in mind that prices can vary depending on a variety of factors, including model, features and dealer. However, we can offer an approximate price range based on the latest data up to September 2023. An Inverex 10KW inverter usually costs PKR 880,000.

10 kW on grid nitrox inverter275000
10 KW Hybrid Nitrox Inverter880000

Factors Affecting Inverex 10KW Inverter Prices

  1. Model and version: Inverex 10KW inverter prices may vary by model and version due to differences in features and capabilities.
  2. Warranty: For its inverters, Inverex offers a variety of warranty terms. Longer warranties may cost more.
  3. Installation costs: Installation costs, including labor costs and any additional equipment required, can have a large impact on the final cost.
  4. location: Prices may vary slightly between different parts of Pakistan due to logistics and distribution issues.
  5. Market trends: Market development and supplier rivalry may impact the price of solar inverters. It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for sales or discounts in the market.

Selection of Inverex 10KW Inverter

When choosing the ideal Inverex 10KW inverter for your solar power system, it’s important to consider your unique energy needs, financial constraints, and other features you need.

The following guidance can help you make a wise choice.

Estimate your energy needs.: If you want to know if a 10KW inverter is the right size for your needs, you should calculate your daily energy consumption and the number of solar panels you want to install.

  1. Compare models.: Compare several models and iterations to choose the Inverex 10KW inverter that best meets your needs.
  2. Budget considerations: While it is important to keep your spending plan in check, you should also think about the long-term benefits of spending the extra money to get a high-quality inverter.
  3. Warranty and after-sales service: Inverex’s after sales and customer service track record is significant. Think about the warranty provided and whether there is a service location nearby.


Due to their efficiency, reliability and longevity, Inverex 10KW inverters are becoming more and more preferred in Pakistan. These inverters are essential to maximize the power of solar panels as the nation embraces solar energy as a sustainable energy source. While the price of the Inverex 10KW inverter may vary, those looking to save money on their electricity bills and help the environment should consider the investment.

Research and compare several models before making your purchase.

Manage your energy needs.

To ensure you get the right inverter for your unique needs, consider installation costs.

You can be on the path to energy independence and a better, more sustainable future with the right Inverex 10KW inverter.

SACO Inverter Price in Pakistan May 2024| The Xperts Pakistan

SACO Inverter Price in Pakistan May 2024| The Xperts Pakistan

Energy efficiency is of utmost importance in today’s changing world. Inverters have grown in importance as they work to use better energy sources and reduce their carbon footprint. One of the leading market participants, Sako Inverter, has changed the rules of the game. In this in-depth post, we’ll dive into the world of Saco inverters, their technology, benefits, uses, and how they’re changing the energy landscape.


Sako Solar Inverters Direct Current (DC) power is converted to Alternating Current (AC) using Sako Inverters. Their main purpose is to enable efficient use of solar and wind energy. Due to Sako’s dedication to innovation and sustainability, a number of excellent inverters are becoming more and more popular globally.

SACO Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

sako inverter price in pakistan starts from 28000 to 10 lakh. The price varies from model to model.

Technology of SACO Inverters

Every Sacco solar inverter has advanced technology that differentiates it from the competition. SACO uses advanced semiconductor components and powerful management systems to provide the best possible energy conversion. Due to very little energy loss during conversion, SACO inverters are both highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of Saco Inverters

SACO inverters provide many benefits to consumers in both residential and commercial settings.

Improved energy efficiency: Sako solar inverters are known for their excellent efficiency rating, which means they can convert more DC power when we use solar panels to make DC power into usable AC power.

Durability: Built with quality materials and stringent manufacturing standards, SACO inverters are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Grid compatibility: SACO solar inverters integrate seamlessly with the grid, allowing consumers to sell excess power back to the utility company and reduce their electricity bills.

Use of SACO inverters

SACO inverters find applications in a wide range of industries and settings:

Residential Solar System: SACO solar inverters are a popular choice for residential solar installations, helping homeowners harness solar energy efficiently and reduce dependence on traditional energy sources.

Commercial Solar Arrays: Businesses benefit from SACO inverters by significantly reducing their operating costs through efficient energy conversion.

Utility Scale Solar Farms: SACO solar inverters are essential for the seamless integration of renewable energy into the grid in large-scale solar farms.

Wind Power Projects: SACO solar inverters can also be used in wind power installations to convert the variable output of a wind turbine into stable AC power.

An eco-friendly future

SakoInverters is poised to lead as the world embraces sustainable energy solutions. SACO continues to deliver ground-breaking solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage a cleaner future, thanks to its innovative technology and relentless dedication to environmental protection.


SACO solar inverters have transformed the energy industry by offering efficient, reliable, and environmentally responsible ways to harness renewable energy sources. They are a preferred choice for residential, commercial and utility scale applications due to their advanced technology, toughness and versatility.

Sakosolar Inverters are at the forefront of this change as the world moves towards a more sustainable future, helping both individuals and organizations reduce their carbon footprint and promote a cleaner environment. Sako Inverters is a name you can trust whether you want to invest in large-scale renewable projects or use solar energy to power your home.

Solar Max Inverter Price in Pakistan May 2024| The Xperts Pakistan

Solar Max Inverter Price in Pakistan May 2024| The Xperts Pakistan

If you want a constant source of electricity throughout the day, SolarMax offers a variety of SolarMax inverters in Pakistan that convert Direct Current (DC) to Alternating Current (AC). Depending on the project’s requirements for electric energy, it offers inverters that range from 3 kW solar systems to 60 kW solar systems that are off-grid, on-grid and hybrid.

Solarmax inverters have been successfully installed on residential and commercial properties in commercial, industrial and agricultural facilities. Solarmax inverters are all-weather resistant and built to last for a long time with a warranty of up to 6 years as they are manufactured using the latest components. In this comprehensive guide, we highlight SolarMax inverters, their importance, product lines, revolutionary technology, and the reasons that make them a top solar adopter.

Introducing SolarMax Inverter

The name Solar Max is closely associated with quality and creativity in the solar sector. With its headquarters in Germany, a country known for its engineering expertise, Solarmax has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of superior solar inverters. SolarMax has established itself as a trusted choice for residential and commercial solar installations thanks to its dedication to efficiently harvesting solar energy.

Solar Max Inverters: A Diverse Range

SolarMax offers a wide selection of inverters to meet different purposes and applications because it recognizes the uniqueness of each solar power system.

Monophase Inverters: SolarMax’s single-phase inverters are small and efficient and are intended for home setups. They quickly convert the DC energy from the solar panels into AC energy that can power your home and feed the excess energy back into the grid.

Three Phase Inverters: The preferred option for large residential and commercial installations is the SolarMax three-phase inverter. These inverters are robust and capable of handling high power loads. They are designed to ensure that your solar panels produce the maximum amount of energy possible.

Hybrid Inverters: The ability for both grid-connected and off-grid operations makes hybrid inverters increasingly desirable. Advanced features of SolarMax hybrid inverters, such as battery compatibility, allow you to store extra energy for use at night or during power outages.

Commercial inverters

Additionally, SolarMax offers a selection of commercial inverters specifically designed to meet the energy needs of commercial buildings and large solar panels. These inverters are designed for scalability and efficiency.

Advantage of SolarMax advanced technology

Solarmax, a leading inverter manufacturer, incorporates advanced technologies to enhance the functionality of its devices.

1. MPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracking

gave MPPT Algorithm SolarMax inverters continuously improve the power output of your solar panels. No matter the weather, your system will always operate at maximum efficiency thanks to this technology.

2. Reactive power control

Reactive power can be precisely controlled by SolarMax inverters. This makes your solar power system more stable and guarantees that it complies with grid regulations.

3. String monitoring

String-level monitoring is critical to finding and fixing problems with your solar panel strings. Real-time data on the performance of each string is provided by SolarMax inverters, helping to troubleshoot the problem effectively.

Reliability and Warranty

Reliability is important when using solar energy. Solarmax inverters are known for their longevity and robustness. Because they are built to withstand challenging environmental conditions, your investment will continue to produce clean energy for many years. For added security, SolarMax often offers a guarantee on its inverters. Warranty period varies by model and geographic region.

Customer support

Excellent customer service is something that SolarMax takes great pride in. Their dedicated support team is available to assist you whether you have questions about their equipment, need help with installation, or need troubleshooting direction.

Reviews and recommendations

Trust and credibility are the foundation of the solar sector. Homeowners, solar installers, and business professionals all give SolarMax high marks and endorse it. They are appreciated for the efficiency, reliability, and user-friendly features of their inverters.

In conclusion

SolarMax inverters are the pinnacle of solar technology, enabling individuals and organizations to use solar energy efficiently. SolarMax inverters provide a reliable and efficient solution, regardless of whether you want to reduce your environmental impact, reduce your electricity costs, or become energy independent.

Galaxy Pluto Inverters Price in Pakistan| The Xperts Pakistan

Galaxy Pluto Inverters Price in Pakistan| The Xperts Pakistan

Galaxy Pluto Inverters Price in Pakistan is pleased to present the latest Pluto series of inverters with new generation hybrid line in your budget carefully tailored to meet the varied energy needs of both residential and commercial consumers. has been done .

Due to the unique dual output connections of Galaxy Pluto Inverters, the Galaxy Pluto Inverters series is ideal for handling heavy loads including critical and intelligent applications. These Pluto Series inverters include integrated Battery Management System (BMS) options that increase backup expansion capabilities and are seamlessly compatible with the latest lithium-ion battery technology.

Galaxy Inverters continue to be at the forefront, offering state-of-the-art technology that meets and exceeds the requirements of the contemporary energy environment.

Features of Galaxy Pluto inverters include:

  • A built-in 120A MPPT solar charger.
  • Battery independent design.
  • Battery equalization function to maximize battery performance.
  • An extended lifespan.

Integrated anti-dust kit for dry conditions. High PV input voltage range; RGB lights; Pure sine wave solar inverter.

You can find details of other solar inverters here.

1. Furnace Solar Inverters Price in Pakistan

2. Inverex Inverter 5.2 kW Price in Pakistan

3. Solis Inverter Price in Pakistan: On-Grid, Hybrid and Off-Grid

4. Crown Solar Inverter Price in Pakistan

Best Hybrid Solar Inverter in Pakistan| The Xperts Pakistan

Best Hybrid Solar Inverter in Pakistan| The Xperts Pakistan

When a solar inverter and a battery inverter are combined in one device, the result is a hybrid solar inverter. The future of solar panel technology with hybrid inverters is bright. Although they have been around for some time, hybrid inverters have only recently become affordable for general use. As everyone knows, solar panels can significantly reduce our monthly electricity costs but they also require some maintenance.

Hybrid inverters meet this requirement. gave Furnace Inverter, Tesla Hybrid Solar Inverter, Crown Elego and Hybrid Solar Inverter Best Solar Hybrid Inverters available in Pakistan. They simplify the process of using solar energy and more importantly, reduce the cost. Hybrid inverters are a perfect example of how technology is constantly enhancing the lives of people everywhere. These gadgets reduce your monthly electricity bill while improving the efficiency of your solar panel.

A hybrid solar inverter:

A hybrid inverter is a type of photovoltaic (PV) system that is intended to be more reliable than a typical grid-tie system. A small battery that can be charged by the solar system and used to generate electricity when the sun is not shining is a feature of hybrid systems.

Pakistani hybrid inverters generate electricity by combining solar and grid power. Their battery is always charged. That way, you have power even without the sun! The best thing about hybrid inverters is that they help you become independent from the grid, which reduces your carbon footprint.

Best Hybrid Solar Inverter in Pakistan

Although there are many hybrid inverters currently available in Pakistan, these two stand out as the biggest of the best. We can help you get the best solar inverters in Pakistan. Two types of inverters are available: Maxpower Sunbridge 1000 (900W) and Fronus 4.2kW.

Inverex Solar Inverters

Inverex is a famous brand in Pakistan that offers high quality inverts at various prices. I will briefly touch on them one by one.

Nitrox Inverter Series:

Inverxe offers Nitrox series for hybrid solar inverters, which are IP 66. This means these inverters are dust and waterproof. These inverters are very expensive but of high quality.

Veron Inverter Series:

If I compare it with the Yukon hybrid series, the Ulta Veron series of intersex inverters are expensive, but the quality is very good. But Nitrox series of inverter inverters are high quality brands.

Inverex Yukon Hybrid Series:

Inverex’s Inverex Yukon Hybrid series is a budget quality inverter. This means these inverters are cheaper than Nitorx Veyron series Inverex inverters.

Solis Solar Inverters

Solis Hybrid Inverters are known for their high quality products. It is an international brand. These inverters work with solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, enabling integration with battery storage. Solis Hybrid Inverters offer smart monitoring systems that allow homeowners and businesses to track their energy production, consumption and storage in real time through apps or web-based platforms.

These inverters are known for their high conversion efficiency. Solus hybrid inverters include several safeguards, such as overcharge and short circuit protection.

Furnace Hybrid Inverters

Frons hybrid inverters, for the first time in Pakistan, come with high MPPT. These inverters have a built-in solar charge controller. These are pure sine wave inverters and are Wi-Fi compatible. Furnace hybrid inverters come with a built-in anti-dust kit for harsh environments. They have a smart battery charge design to improve battery life. Fronius hybrid inverters are compatible with lithium, supercapacitor, acid, and tubular batteries.

Crown Solar Inverters

Crown Solar Inverters is a strong and trusted brand name. They bring moderate stability. Crown Solar Inverter continues the good work and strives to spread its influence around the world while maintaining its legacy of prosperity. Crown solar inverter has a high conversion efficiency of up to 98.3%. It can convert more solar energy into usable electricity, resulting in significant cost savings for consumers. The Crown Solar Inverter is weatherproof and suitable for all outdoor environments. It also comes with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for easy monitoring and control. The Crown Solar Inverter comes with intelligent battery management technology that ensures efficient battery charging and prolongs the life of the batteries.

Galaxy Hybrid Solar Inverters

Galaxy hybrid solar inverters are dual output for smart load management. They offer maximum PV input current. Galaxy hybrid solar inverters have a wide PV input voltage. They have built-in Wi-Fi for mobile monitoring (Android/iOS app available). Galaxy hybrid solar inverters have a battery-independent design, and battery-equalization extends the life cycle. They have a built-in anti-dust kit.

Advantages of installing hybrid solar inverter?

Autonomous Power Transition

The ability to easily transition between solar and grid power is another advantage of the best hybrid inverters. As a result, unlike if you installed a standalone inverter, you never have to worry about manually switching between solar and grid power.

Extended lifespan of solar panels

If you install a hybrid solar inverter, your solar panels will last longer, which is the first benefit. As we just discussed, hybrid inverters reduce the maintenance that your solar panels require. As a result, you won’t need to replace your solar panels as often. Long-term financial savings are also guaranteed as buying new solar panels every few years can be expensive.

Independent power reserve

To get power whenever you need it, installing a battery will be necessary if you want to install a standalone inverter. However, the battery is already included in a hybrid inverter. This means you never have to bother installing the battery manually, which can be difficult and expensive.

Does a hybrid solar inverter reduce my electricity bill?

Yes, since a hybrid inverter increases the efficiency of your solar panels, it will undoubtedly help you save money on your monthly electricity bills. With a hybrid inverter, you can also store solar energy in a battery on cloudy or winter days or when you don’t have access to sunlight.

What is the price of 7kW hybrid solar inverter in Pakistan?

Average cost of 7 kW hybrid solar system in Pakistan is The average price of a hybrid 7kW solar system is between PKR 1,100,000 and 1,200,000. This represents the total cost, including the cost of the mounting structure, installation, batteries, inverter, and solar panels. On the grid And off-grid capabilities are combined in hybrid solar systems.

Which one is better to buy?

Although hybrid solar inverters in Pakistan cost a bit more than standalone inverters, they are more reliable and efficient. The wattage of your solar panels and whether you are installing a grid tie system or grid tie with battery backup system are two factors that affect the cost of hybrid inverters in Pakistan.