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About Me

Azhar Farooq


The Xperts Pakistan

I run a group of companies under the umbrella of The Xperts Pakistan. Physical Business IT Managed, Networking, Power and Security, Smart Products, Services, and Solutions, as well as eCommerce websites and Daraz Business, a Digital Marketing Agency, a Digital Academy and Pakistan’s 1st Freelance Platform like fiverr

Our website has been ranking on the first page of Google for various keywords related to our business since 2012.

I have over 22 years of experience in IT management, networking, local business, digital marketing, social media marketing, website design, Graphics Designing, local eCommerce Business, security, smart system integration, power and security solutions in Pakistan.

I started my business in 2007, and in just 4 years, we have successfully turned our dreams into reality. The company is now working in various fields.

I am a marketing consultant and entrepreneur who helps business owners get what they want in business.

I am also a mentor and entrepreneur, and I have taught hundreds of students who are working successfully.



  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • Social Media Marketing Expert
  • WordPress Website
  • Graphics Designing
  • IT Computer Hardware & Networking
  • Software Management
  • Local eCommerce Business
  • Daraz Business
  • Business Development
  • Business Consulting
  • UPS / Solar Business
  • CCTV Cameras Business
2002 - 2007

Start Teaching

  • I started my career as a computer teacher in 2002 and continued to serve as head of various colleges in Gujranwala till 2007. And I taught hundreds of students. When I was in Gujranwala I felt like I was losing my talent which I had a lot of experience. I was a graphic designer, I was also a webmaster, I was proficient in software, hardware and networks in many such fields. I am a very talented person. I have worked in various fields like electronics. I came to Lahore in 2007 because of the bad conditions here
2007 - 2010

Start Company

  • When I came to Lahore in 2007, my job was confirmed on the first evening. I did my first when for only three months and I started getting enough work in the market because of my experiences.  I started a company called The Xpert Service this was a IT, Computer Hardware Network Services Provider Company and we started giving services to companies, now we were getting companies contracts. I worked day and night to keep the company up. Now I started taking internships and teaching students again.
2010 - 2014

When i Create my Website

  • In 2010 I created my company’s website which I ranked in one year on Google. Now I was getting a lot of work through the website through. 2012 Now this was the time when we started getting a lot of work because of the website. I had a lot of guys working there. They also had people who were learning from us and working with us. Our company grew more and more now our company has also started selling cell computers and laptops on demand of companies.
2014 - 2018

Best Award

  • In 2012, I started working on APC UPS and security camera at the same time. This work of ours began to grow tremendously and our cell began to be read all over Pakistan.
  • In 2015, due to our website, various companies started contacting us and started offering us distribution. Now we was distributor CP Plus CCTV Cameras German Brand and APC UPS. and I am the certified dealer.In 2017 we launched some of the eCommerce websites that were in partnership bases at the same time, we started working on and worked hard on it.
2018 - 2024