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Highlights from the UiPath AI Summit 2024| The Xperts Pakistan

Written by Azhar Farooq


Business leaders treat generative AI like a gimmick. They want to use the latest big language models (LLMs) to drive transformational change, tangible results, and new operating models that disrupt their markets and grow their bottom lines. They’re ready for AI at work… really works.

I UiPath AI Summit, we showed how automation is the catalyst for AI success. However, as the leader of your business, you need more than a toolbox. You need vision, strategy and skills to use these tools effectively.

As I discussed with Forrester senior analyst Rowan Curran during our opening keynote, leaders looking to embed AI in their enterprise need to keep three things in mind:

  • Business context

  • Access to a diverse set of models

  • Ability to act

And, of course, trust underpins everything. Trust from customers is hard won and easily lost, so leaders trying to use AI must proceed with caution to ensure they don’t betray their customers’ trust. That is why trust is the foundation. UiPath Business Automation Platform And underpins all of our announcements at the AI ​​Summit.

I will go into more detail and show you how to realize the potential of AI for your business. Here are my key takeaways from the UiPath AI Summit 2024 — our formula for turning AI potential into business results:

1. Give your AI models the right context with a contextual foundation.

Business leaders looking to leverage the latest AI models have a powerful ‘brain’ for business with generative AI. But genius cannot exist in a vacuum. AI won’t increase your bottom line unless it understands your business and its unique context.

Businesses need a secure, reliable, low-effort way to use their business data with AI models. Our addition based on context UiPath AI Trust Layer Just does it.

UiPath Contextual Grounding helps businesses educate creative AI models by grounding the business context when users submit their input. We do this through Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), a system that extracts relevant information from a large dataset, such as a company’s knowledge base, and then uses that information to generate accurate and insightful responses. .

Contextual grounding prepares data for LLM by transforming it into an optimal format (embeddings) that can be easily indexed, searched, and optimized for generative AI predictions. Can be injected into prompts. AI answers will be more accurate, domain-specific, and significantly less prone to producing misleading results, sometimes referred to as ‘deception’. Result? More reliable models and more value from your GenAI-powered automations.

2. Select and deploy best-in-class AI for each task.

AI includes a large number of different systems and models. General-purpose generative AI models like GPT-4 and Gemini struggle to match the performance and accuracy of models trained specifically for a particular task. Business leaders must recognize that there is no single ‘AI model’ to rule them all. To achieve its full potential, their enterprise will need to leverage a diverse selection of AI models that are best-in-class for each task.

Think of it this way: Your engineering team may be world-class, but would you ask them to process your company’s invoices? Every business must leverage a diverse mix of skills and competencies to cover all bases and achieve top performance. They should take a similar approach to AI. In this context, UiPath gives users access to powerful, specialized AI models tailored to their challenges and high-value use cases.

That’s why we introduced our UiPath LLM:

  • UiPath DocPath will help businesses outsource any document, including long and unstructured data and tables.

  • UiPath CommPath can process a variety of communications, from transactional messages to complex requests involving multiple requests and context-specific language.

Combining the best of creative AI and specialized AI, the UiPath family of LLMs empowers businesses to understand and process a wide variety of any document and message types. Instead of relying on imprecise and time-consuming quick engineering, UiPath DocPath and CommPath provide enterprises with comprehensive tools to tailor AI models to their exact needs.

DocPath and CommPath are just the beginning of our proprietary LLMs, but they are already providing significant benefits:

  • Increased accuracy Models developed for diverse document and message types. UiPath DocPath delivers a 45-76% reduction in error rates in data extraction and 30-65% fewer errors when extracting from complex tables, compared to market-leading generative AI models.

  • Faster time to value Thanks to less training effort and better human in loop fine-tuning. UiPath CommPath provides 2-3x less training effort for the same accuracy than traditional data annotation. DocPath offers a 10x reduction in training effort, with some use cases requiring no interpretation.

  • Enterprise Control Due to strong security, compliance, and governance, generative AI is paired with higher pitfalls than processing.

We also unveiled several new generative AI connectors, allowing businesses to take the best AI models for their needs and apply them to automation on the UiPath platform.

UiPath GenAI Connector including the new connector

Our connectors empower customers to utilize the latest GenAI capabilities. For example, the addition of vision to GPT-4V enables automation that can analyze and act based on image input. And our Unicorn Connector provides easy access to the most advanced text model in the PaLM family, which helps automate complex tasks based on language and conversation.

Join our Connector Corner Webinar. To see how the UiPath Integration Service enables seamless AI integration and improved operational efficiency.

3. Empower your AI to work and make an impact.

If AI is the mind, then automation is the body. Automation gives AI the ability to integrate, data, context, and — importantly — take action across the enterprise. To make changes and execute critical business processes successfully, they need to synchronize and work together.

UiPath is constantly innovating to find new ways to integrate AI and automation. At the UiPath AI Summit, we were very proud to announce that UiPath Autopilot™ for developers and testers will enter general availability in June.

UiPath Autopilot™ is the perfect partner for driving AI-powered automation. It combines generative AI and specialized AI in a simple conversational interface to increase productivity and democratize automation across the enterprise.

Autopilot experience for developers and testers increases efficiency in UiPath Studio, apps and test suite. With it, your developers and testers can:

  • Create automation, apps, and visual basic feedback with a simple conversational language

  • Transform legacy paper forms and PDFs into automation-enabled apps.

  • Get relevant ‘next best action’ guidance as you build automation.

  • Create, automate and capture insights from your test cases.

The development of UiPath Autopilot™ is making the use of AI and automation easier and more effective across the enterprise. It is the perfect enabler, not just of AI-powered automation, but of AI powered by automation.

My UiPath favorites are Autopilot and Coded Automations, which have been game changers in the way I approach automation projects. It’s not just about ensuring the reliability of automated processes, but also about instilling confidence in the solutions we deploy.

Sai Kiran, UiPath MVP and Senior Automation Developer at Cigniti

Turn AI potential into business reality.

The emergence of creative AI represents a paradigm shift for business. There is no way to put the gin back in the bottle. To survive and thrive, enterprises need to quickly adapt to the new reality and learn how to harness the full potential of creative AI.

But the first step is to understand the limitations of the technology. Off-the-shelf, generative AI has a broad, general understanding of the world, its performance is outstanding across a variety of tasks, and it lacks the ability to initiate action in large or complex enterprises.

To maximize the potential of AI, business leaders need to build models within the context of their business. They must integrate AI with automation to enable it to take action and create impact. And they need to maintain a diversity of specialized and creative models, ensuring they have the best tool for every job.

UiPath provides a platform where all this is possible. A platform to turn AI hype into business reality.

This year’s UiPath AI Summit was once again a huge success. It served as a forum to showcase various fields and showcase the various automation and AI capabilities, ensuring that every attendee can get the right information and insights they need. Is. If you missed this year’s AI Summit — or just want to re-watch some of the sessions — all of the summit’s recordings are available to watch at your convenience.

Watch the AI ​​Summit on Demand.

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