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Solar energy is gaining a lot of popularity in Pakistan as an eco-friendly and affordable energy solution. The demand for efficient solar inverters like Solis is increasing as more people and companies are discovering the benefits of using solar energy. In this article, we will delve into the world of Solis Inverters and examine the factors that affect Solis Inverter Price in Pakistan.

Solis Solar Inverters’ parent company, Ginlong Technologies, is the world’s largest and most popular inverter manufacturer. The company’s area of ​​expertise is manufacturing solar inverters, both single and three phase. Since its inception in 2005, the company has continuously improved its commitment to offer cost-effective and sustainable energy solutions.

Solar inverters manufactured by Solis are suitable for various applications, such as utility, residential and agricultural. The business has won numerous awards, including the title of Most Innovative Company in the Chinese PV Industry, which it has held continuously since 2016.

On Grid Solis Inverter Price in Pakistan

Solis Inverter Price in Pakistan Hybrid

The size of the solar panel you choose and the single or three-phase operation of the inverter are two important variables that affect the price of a Solis inverter in Pakistan. Solar energy is the best option available, and Alpha Solar is at the forefront of helping people switch to solar energy in Pakistan. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by our offices for a consultation, no matter what your energy needs or solar energy questions are.

Characteristics of Solis Inverters

With their elegant design, Solis solar inverters are not only very visually appealing but also very efficient. They have gained the trust of many people thanks to their abundance of distinctive features. Let’s review some of the latest features of Solus solar inverters:

High effectiveness

With efficiency ratings as high as 98%, Solis inverters are among the most efficient solar inverters available. This means they can produce more efficient solar power than your panels do. This ensures excellent performance in a range of weather conditions. Solis inverters are designed to maximize energy production and minimize losses during the conversion process.

Reliable performance

Solis inverters are designed to last a long time and withstand harsh weather conditions.

Easy to use

A number of user-friendly features, such as an integrated LCD screen and Wi-Fi connectivity, are included with the Solis inverter. It facilitates monitoring and troubleshooting any issues with your solar system.

Modern technology

Solis inverters maximize the efficiency of your solar system with advanced technology. It includes features that help you maximize the power generated by your solar panels, such as MPPT tracking.

Remote observation

The Solus Cloud Platform allows remote monitoring of Solus inverters. It enables you to monitor the performance of your solar system from anywhere in the world.

Solis Inverter Price in Pakistan

Solis 5kw Inverter Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the average price of a 5kW on-grid solar inverter is around Rs 235,000. Now, the remarkable 98% efficiency rate of this 5kW Solis inverter is what makes it so impressive. It converts DC into useful electricity for all your home appliances with great efficiency.

This device is not only effective but also offers various safety features. With protection against short circuits, surges, and even DC reverse polarity, you’re covered. Another useful feature is that the Solus 5kW inverter makes it easy to switch between your solar panels and grid-generated electricity. That means when you need power, it’s there for you.

Solis 10kw Inverter Price in Pakistan

A significant amount of DC is efficiently converted to AC by a 10kW solar system inverter. In Pakistan, a 10kW Solis inverter costs around 260,000 PKR. The inverter has an impressive efficiency rate of over 97%. It is not only efficient, but also has a strong protection unit that protects against polarity issues and short circuits, as well as an attractive design.

The inverter is adaptable to various setups as it also has a low start-up range and a wide voltage range. For optimal performance, it features a 2MPPT design with an integrated export power manager and an accurate MPPT algorithm.

Factors Affecting Solis Inverter Price in Pakistan

Given the current economic conditions of Pakistan, several factors are influencing the price of Solis Solar Inverters. These variables may include higher import duties, currency exchange rate fluctuations, inflation, and more. Other factors that affect the price of Solis Solar Inverters in Pakistan are the size and type of inverter.

Capacity of inverters

Your energy needs and the size of the system you need are the two main factors that affect the cost of Solis Solar Inverters in Pakistan. Generally, the cost of solar inverter in Pakistan increases with the capacity of the solar inverter.

Inflation rate

Another important factor affecting the price of Solis Inverters in Pakistan is inflation. This affects cost in two ways. First, because inflation increases the cost of labor and raw materials, manufacturers may decide to raise their prices. When manufacturers raise their prices, distributors and installers also raise their prices to reflect the increased costs.

Dollar exchange rate

Since international trade is done in US dollars, which has not been stable in Pakistan for the past few years, most of the solar energy system components are imported from other countries. However, the prices of Solis Solar Inverters in Pakistan are affected by this erratic dollar exchange rate. In Pakistan, purchases made by installers and wholesalers are also made in US dollars.

Taxes levied by the government

Governments levy taxes. Various taxes to finance their programs and operations. These taxes include customs charges, sales taxes, and commodity taxes, among others. The cost of solar inverters in Pakistan may increase with the increase in government tax on solar products to meet the budget requirements. However, prices may decrease if taxes are reduced or eliminated.

One of the best inverters in the market right now is the Solis inverter. They make excellent on-grid inverters that are known for their long life and high efficiency. A multi-year warranty is also included. In Pakistan, a 10kW Solis inverter costs around 330,000 PKR.

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