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Written by: Azhar Farooq


As an avid RV owner, the freedom and adventure of off-grid travel is what I love most. The excitement of harnessing the sun’s energy to power my travels was a dream come true when I first installed RV solar panels on my RV.

But soon, the truth came out. Despite the initial excitement, I realized that my solar panels were not producing as much electricity as I had expected. It was disappointing and frustrating to see that my dream didn’t live up to its potential.

After some research and learning, I discovered several reasons behind this problem and found effective solutions. Here, I would like to share my experiences and insights to help other RV enthusiasts who may be facing similar challenges.

RV solar panels

Before solving these problems, I faced several negative effects, inefficiencies and frequent repairs added to my overall costs, negating the financial benefits of using solar panels. It felt like a never-ending cycle of repairs and expenses.

When power generation is low.

Possible Problem 1: Poor quality of solar cells

Reason: The quality of the solar cells used in the panels can significantly affect their performance. If the cells are defective or of poor quality, they may have color differences, watermarks, small scratches, and other imperfections. These defects can greatly reduce the efficiency of solar panels.

At first, I chose the budget-friendly option for my solar panels, thinking I was making a smart financial decision. However, the joy of saving money ended when I realized that these panels were not performing as expected. Low-quality cells were to blame, and it was a hard lesson.

Effects of these problems

Low Power Output: The overall power output from my solar panels was much lower than expected, affecting my RV’s power supply. It was disappointing to see that despite having solar panels I still had to rely on external power sources.

Solution: Investing in high-quality solar panels from reputable manufacturers can prevent these problems. Choosing a reliable product ensures that the cells have been thoroughly tested and are free of defects. This decision made a significant difference in the power output of my solar system, and I finally began to see the promise of renewable energy come to fruition.

Solar panels for RVSolar panels for RV

Potential Problem 2: Damage during installation, transportation, or use

Reason: Solar cells can be damaged during transportation and installation. These damages may include hidden cracks or microcracks that are not visible to the naked eye but can seriously affect the performance of the panel. Rough handling or improper installation can cause these problems.

During one of our road trips, I noticed that my solar panels weren’t performing well. On closer inspection, it turned out that the panels had micro-cracks, possibly due to rough handling during one of our moves. Disappointing to see that something as simple as careful handling could have prevented this problem.

Effects of these problems

Short lifespan: Damage and poor quality lead to more frequent changes and higher costs. Disappointing to see my investments not live up to their potential.

Solution: Handle solar panels with care during transportation and installation. Make sure the installation is done by experienced professionals who can minimize the risk of damage. Regular inspections can help identify any hidden damage early, allowing for timely repairs or replacements. Taking these precautions can prevent many heart ailments and ensure that your system runs efficiently.

RV Solar Panel HotspotRV Solar Panel Hotspot

Possible Problem 3: Hot spot effect due to long term dirt or shedding

Reason: A hot spot effect occurs when part of a solar panel becomes significantly hotter than the rest, usually due to dirt, leaves, bird droppings, or shading from nearby objects such as trees or antennas. . This leads to localized overheating, which severely reduces the efficiency of solar panels and can cause permanent damage.

The main problem I encountered was the hotspot effect. Over time, dirt, leaves and bird droppings accumulated on my solar panels. Additionally, partial shading from nearby trees or antennas created areas on the panels that were consistently warmer than others. This caused localized overheating, known as the hotspot effect, which severely reduced the efficiency of my solar panels. It’s disappointing to know that something as simple as dirt and shedding can cause such significant problems.

Effects of these problems

Safety Hazards: The hot spot effect posed a fire hazard, which was particularly concerning for the safety of my RV and its occupants. Knowing that my system could potentially cause a fire was a constant worry.

My solution

Regular cleaning: Clean the panels regularly to remove dirt, leaves and other debris. Use a soft brush and neutral cleaning agents to avoid scratching the panels. This simple routine can prevent the buildup that leads to hot spots and ensure maximum performance.

Avoiding shading: Make sure the panels are fully exposed to sunlight, avoid parking under trees or near shading objects. Keeping in mind where I park my RV has made a significant difference in the performance of my solar panels.

Modern technology: Upgrade solar panels with advanced technology, such as Singold’s 863 technology, designed to prevent hot spots and ensure consistent performance. Investing in the latest technology has given me peace of mind, knowing that my system is safe from one of the most common problems.

Rigid Solar Panels for RVRigid Solar Panels for RV

Achieving optimal performance

By solving these problems, I significantly improved the efficiency of my RV’s solar panels. Here is a summary of the steps I took:
1. Invest in quality: Choose high-quality solar panels from reputable manufacturers to avoid defects and ensure long-term reliability. This decision paid off by providing me with a reliable and efficient power source.
2. Handle with care: Prevent damage during transportation and installation by handling panels carefully and employing professional installers. This simple step can prevent many headaches in the future.
3. Regular maintenance: Clean the panels regularly and inspect them for any signs of damage or shading problems. Regular maintenance ensures that my system operates at peak efficiency.
4. Advanced Technology: Use advanced technology, such as Singold’s 863 technology, to prevent hot spots and increase overall efficiency. Investing in modern technology has given me peace of mind and ensured consistent performance.

RV solar panelsRV solar panels


Owning an RV with solar panels has been a game changer for my off-grid adventures. However, it is important to understand and address common issues that can affect their performance.

By taking proactive steps to ensure the quality, proper installation, and maintenance of panels, and by leveraging advanced technologies, I can maximize power generation and enjoy a more reliable and efficient source of energy. I have succeeded.

The better you understand and care for your solar panels, the better they will serve you on your travels.

I hope my experiences and solutions help you get the most out of your RV solar panels. Happy travels and sunny skies to all fellow RV enthusiasts!

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