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8KW Solar System Price in Pakistan April 2024| The Xperts Pakistan

Written by Azhar Farooq


Consider installing an 8 kW solar system on or off the grid for your home. Don’t worry if you need clarification on how much or how much an 8KW solar system costs in Pakistan. The 8 KW solar system size is suitable for small and medium sized homes. Currently, an 8 kW solar system is the most suitable solar system for net metering. These systems are suitable for large homes, workplaces and commercial buildings and offer significant savings on electricity bills while promoting a better environment.

Item detailsQuantityUnit priceTotal price
Solar Panel Longhimo 6 580 Watt Mono Crystalline Half Kit Solar Panel A Grade Tier 11639361920
Inverter Zyonic Inverter 8KW Hybrid (5 Years Warranty)1300000300000
Safety accessories Breaker, DC Breaker, Safety Breaker, Nut Bolt, Cable Tie, D Box and other safety accessories etc. (estimated price)12000020000
DC cables Flexible XLP 6mm White Copper Rs.95 per ft (This price is based on estimates.12000020000
Total cost740320

8KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

A fully installed 8kW solar system costs, on average, around PKR 100 per watt as the cost of solar panels has come down drastically. 8kw solar system price in Pakistan for whole system without battery is 800000 rupees. Pakistan has the lowest solar installation rate in the world.

This may change based on load requirements or backup requirements. This 8 kW solar system includes all the components required for installation, such as solar panels, Dry batteries, inverters, frames, cables, boards, fitting guards, and other electrical accessories. The comparative value of the system, or the balance between high-quality equipment and affordable prices, is what you want to look for.

Appliances you can run on an 8KW solar system.

No matter how much free solar energy you generate, an 8KW solar inverter can support up to 1700 units of load per month. Fans, refrigerators, inverters, LED lights, LED TVs, water motors, air conditioners, and water dispensers.

Can an 8 kW solar system produce enough power?

An 8 kW solar system produces about 8000 watts with 8 hours of direct sunlight, which equates to 50 to 60 units per day. We can thus use an 8kw solar system to power all the required accessories. An average household uses 15 to 40 units per day. If you have air conditioning, more than enough.

What kind of savings can we expect from an 8 kW solar system?

An 8kw solar system is huge; In this way, we can save a lot of money. An 8KW solar system can generate thirty five units per day and about 1700 units per month. The price per unit in Pakistan is around Rs 40, which is the highest price recorded in Pakistani history.

Hence, many individuals are considering this free solar energy. A solar panel installer can save a good amount of around Rs. 3000 in just one day, thanks to the 8kw solar system which produces 50 to 60 units per day. In a whole month, we can save around Rs 100k with the current price of electricity unit. Around 1200k to 1300k rupees in Pakistan for a whole year.

An ideal system for generating energy?

While solar systems ranging from 3KW to 6KW are fairly common, this robust solar system is a bit large for home installations. For homes that use a lot of electricity during the day, an 8kW system is ideal. For an 8kW solar system, how many solar panels are needed? Depending on the wattage of the panels, a modern 8kW solar system will consist of 14 to 16 solar panels.

Concluding remarks

We hope that by the time you finish this post, you will have a complete idea of ​​what an 8 kW solar system will cost in Pakistan in 2024. This huge energy infrastructure allows Pakistan to run all the essentials. An 8 KW solar system in Pakistan costs around 8 lakh rupees, but this is a one-time investment that will allow us to use this energy indefinitely.

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