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6kW Solar Systems Price in Pakistan April 2024

Written by Azhar Farooq


We look at the cost, output, profitability, and – most importantly – your potential savings of 6kW solar systems in Pakistan. The size of the solar system does not matter—6kW for a home, 5 kW For an office — in Pakistan, we need a lot of energy to build and store it. We regularly update solar panel prices on solar panel prices in Pakistan. We provide only one quality panel. We do not offer B or C grade panels. If you save money today, you will lose money later. Before buying a solar system from any vendor, always check the latest prices of solar panels in Pakistan.

Financial proposal for 6 kW solar system

Technical proposal for 6 kW solar system

Calculation of return for 6 kW on grid solar system

A reliable and robust solution for both residential and commercial use is the 6KW solar panel system applications. Are you tired of paying huge electricity bills every month? You can generate free solar energy with our 6 kW hybrid solar system. A 6KW solar panel system can reduce your monthly electricity costs to almost zero. You can sell too. WAPDA/KSE Any additional green power using net metering.

6kW Solar System Price in Pakistan

Today, the cost of a 6 kW solar system in Pakistan is around Rs.803600. This price includes every component or accessory needed to install a solar system in a home or business, including solar panels, frames, cables, boards, batteries, inverters, shipping costs, pipes and installation charges.

Only Solar Panels Price in Pakistan Which costs around Rs 224,460, while other devices cost at least Rs 350,000. The price per watt in Pakistan is currently between Rs 80 and 90, which is relatively cheaper than a few months ago, especially At the beginning of 2024. .

A 6KW solar system in Pakistan powers these household appliances.

1.5 Ton AC Water Motor 10 Energy Saver or Lights Washing Machine 1 Iron 1 TV 1 Fridge/Refrigerator 4 Fans Juicer Blender Mobile Chargers Using a powerful 6 KW solar system, you can now generate your own free energy and Can save money. These are the important operations that take place in our homes every day.

We can apply a practice called net metering to sell the excess power generated by this 6 KW solar system to the government of Pakistan. We can earn money from net metering by selling the energy we generate from these solar panels.

How much electricity is produced by a 6Kw solar system?

A 6kW solar system has a maximum output of 6000 watts per hour. Still, under most conditions, it produces 4 to 5 KW, which is a tremendous amount of energy and enough to power all appliances in a home or office. It can generate electricity from the sun in the range of 24 to 30 units per day and 750 to 850 units per month. A 6 kilowatt solar system in Pakistan has enough power to easily power a medium-sized home.

What kind of output can a 6KW solar system produce?

While we may only need 10 to 15 units of electricity per day in Pakistan, a 6 kW solar system will generate at least 20 to 24 units per day. Throughout the month, it will produce 600 to 700 units. The price per unit in Pakistan is unusually high, averaging between 30 and 40 rupees, the highest price recorded in Pakistani history. A 6 KW solar system can save Rs 750 to 1000 per day and Rs 30,000 per month. A 6 KW solar system saves Rs.3,00,000 (3 Lakhs) annually.

How much money can be saved with a 6KW solar system?

Due to high electricity prices in Pakistan, many residents are switching to solar energy, which is completely free. The price per unit in Pakistan is between 20 to 30 rupees. Every day, you can save 20 teams and 500 rupees.

Can a home be powered by a 6 kW solar system?

Yes, a 6 kW solar system can easily power our home, even with AC. A home typically uses 15 to 20 units per day, but it can produce 30, more than enough to power your entire home.

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