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5KW Solar System Price in Pakistan April 2024

Written by Azhar Farooq


With effective use of net metering, you can reduce your electricity bill to zero with a 5 kW solar system. Modern solar panel systems are popular for three straightforward reasons: you can save electricity, reduce your costs to zero, and you can help the environment and make it carbon-free. Every home has unique needs. Some homes use more electrical units than others. Typical monthly units spent can be used to determine the proper size of solar system for your home based on their specific demands. Households with an average monthly electricity consumption of 250 units are the primary consumers of a 5 KW solar system. We also examine the cost, output, profitability, and – most importantly – how much you can save on a 5kW solar system in Pakistan. Be it a 5 kW solar system for home or office, Pakistan needs a lot of energy to generate and store.

5 kw solar system cost in pakistan

5 kw solar system cost in pakistan

The cost of a 5kw solar system depends on many factors, mainly the current Inverter cost batteries, frame wire, etc Solar Panel Price in Pakistan. This table will help you.

HyBird 5kw Solar System Price


How much will a 5 kW hybrid system cost?

Above, I have calculated the cost of 5kw with hybrid batteries, and if you want to use it only on On Grid Systemyou will subtract the total cost from 550000.


How many appliances can you use on a 5 kW system?


Note: After this, the remaining WhatsApp will be stored in the batteries or in the on-grid system for night use.


How much roof space is necessary?

Solar panels with power output ranging from 450 to 540 watts are typically 3.6 feet tall and 8 feet wide, or 24.5 square feet total. Accordingly, installing a 5000 solar system consisting of 9-10 panels would require 25-35 m2 of roof space, depending on the wattage of the panels and their tilt angle.

Among the many available system types are:

This 5kW solar system comes in three basic types and works mainly in the domestic sector. The different types offered are:

Pakistan’s 5 kW On-Grid Solar System

These grid-tie systems are connected to utility stations, acting as virtual batteries and storing excess current there. This further enables the implementation of net metering procedures for further benefits. Premier Energy offers the best and cheapest on-grid solar system prices in Pakistan.

5KW Hybrid Solar System of Pakistan

These systems offer two advantages because they serve two purposes. They work by establishing a link with the utility and as an off-grid system that allows battery connection. A bit expensive though, this one Hybrid solar system are the most valuable options. Premier Energy offers the best and most economical hybrid solar system prices in Pakistan.

All items in the table can be used together. You can use additional products if you adjust the equipment.

5 kW off-grid solar system in Pakistan

These battery-based off-grid solar systems provide backup in the event of blackouts or load shedding, although they do not support net metering. Premier Energy offers the best and cheapest off-grid solar system prices in Pakistan.

Return on investment of 5KW solar system

The ability of a system owner or operator to obtain a solar feed-in tariff will largely determine how profitable a 5 kW solar installation will be. Solar system owners who export excess solar energy to the power grid are compensated with a certain amount under the solar feed-in tariff program. Returns are not just based on system output.

What power makes the best residential solar system in Pakistan?

Regardless of the type of system you are installing, there are different capacities for solar energy systems. The user’s power consumption determines the required capacity of the system. System capacity will increase with increasing power consumption.

Monthly electricity units system capacity

Pakistan has an estimated 600 to 800 units of 5KW solar systems.

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