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Getting the most out of UiPath AI Summit 2024: How to plan your agenda| The Xperts Pakistan

Written by Azhar Farooq


update: IIf you missed the 2024 AI Summit, Read on for key takeaways. There’s still time to catch up on what you’ve lost—All sessions are available on demand..

The AI ​​market is on a fast growth trajectory, which is expected to grow. $86.9 billion in 2022 to $407 billion by 2027. This is not surprising. 64% of business Preparing to incorporate this technology, it is expected to increase their productivity. However, the road to AI-driven transformation is not without obstacles. For example, 43% of business Express concern about over-reliance on technology, while 35% are unsure. If they have the necessary technical capability to effectively implement AI.

The UiPath AI Summit, now in its fourth year, is the key to addressing these concerns, tailored to your specific industry and organizational needs. Interested in understanding the wider world of AI and automation? Have concerns about integrating AI into your business? Or just want to keep up with the latest automation and AI developments? We’ve got you covered. Mark March 19th on your calendar and pull up a virtual chair, because this is one online event you won’t want to miss.

In this blog post, I’ll share what to expect from this year’s summit, how to create your ideal agenda, and why this event is for anyone looking to stay competitive in the AI ​​landscape. There is a mandatory participation opportunity.

Keynote session

Why should you hit the registration button for the Virtual AI Summit? For starters, this is your chance to get insider information from industry thought leaders. UiPath’s Chief Product Officer (CPO), Graham Sheldon, will work alongside featured speaker Rowan Curran from respected research firm, Forrester. Together, they will explore a compelling conversation that seeks to unlock the emerging realm of automation and AI.

This Keynote will not simply repeat known facts. It is set to highlight the latest developments across the AI ​​ecosystem and unveil several UiPath AI product announcements. For executives navigating the complexities of the modern business landscape, this keynote can be the compass that helps guide you toward informed decision-making in an AI-driven future.

Next on the agenda? It’s time to pick a session specifically tailored to your industry.

First Breakout Session: By Industry

These sessions cover various fields and offer a golden opportunity to discover how AI-powered automation works in your specific field. Get a front-row seat to eye-opening stories from UiPath clients like Arcelik, OMERs, and the Orange County Transportation Authority. It’s like a peek behind the scenes of practical AI applications and see how these companies are flexing their muscles in the automation and AI arena. The best part? You’ll walk away armed with actionable insights and strategies from People Walking. For executives, this means gaining a competitive advantage by learning how to effectively implement and leverage AI in your own organization.

Industry Breakout Session:

  • Next Level Operations: Why Financial Services Are Banking on AI and Automation

  • How AI-powered automation is changing the insurance operating model

  • Putting AI to Work in Healthcare and Life Sciences

  • Innovating through disruption: The new paradigm of AI in manufacturing

  • AI behind the wheel of public sector innovation

If you’re interested in more than one industry-specific session, you can select one session to watch live and catch up on recordings of other sessions you’re interested in. After the event, we will email all AI Summits. Registers links to session recordings.

Second Breakout Session: Product Deep Dive

Next, you will have the opportunity to explore the capabilities of our products. This year, we’ve expanded this part of the AI ​​Summit with a selection of five sessions. Each product session is packed with insights into new features, extensible capabilities, and best practices to get the most out of your automation program. We’ll also share an exclusive roadmap and live demo from our product experts.

Product Deep Dive Sessions:

  • AI-powered continuous discovery: Finding ‘eureka’ insights with AI

  • Next-generation AI for end-to-end intelligent document processing

  • Autopilot in Action: Five Use Cases That Supercharge Productivity

  • Integration Service: Use the Gen AI Connector to power your next automation.

  • Building a Successful IDP Solution: Best Practices from Experienced AI Experts

Hard to choose just one? Don’t worry, we’ll share access to the recordings of these sessions after the event so you can catch up on anything you missed.

Closing session

The AI ​​Summit concluded with “From R&D to Implementation: The Future of AI at Work”. This is your chance to hear about our AI roadmap as well as ongoing research and innovation in the exciting areas of generative AI and specialized AI.

Join us on March 19 for the AI ​​Summit.

While there are numerous automation and AI events available, the UiPath AI Summit stands out as an all-round destination. It provides a comprehensive forum that covers multiple industries and showcases diverse automation and AI capabilities. This ensures that you can get the information and insights you are looking for. Are you ready to gain actionable insights to use automation to turn the potential of AI into real value and results?

Reserve your spot for the AI ​​Summit.. If you are unable to attend live, registration will give you access to on-demand recordings of all sessions. We look forward to seeing you on March 19.

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