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3 Kw Solar System Price in Pakistan April 2024 | The Xperts Pakistan

Written by Azhar Farooq



With the successful deployment of net metering, The Xperts has provided an affordable estimate for a 3 kW solar system. But first you want to know what is the cost of 3kw solar system in Pakistan? These systems can also be used in small business premises such as stores and offices, which will enable them to significantly reduce their electricity costs while also having a positive impact on the environment. Many electricians can install a 3 kW solar system. How useful is it?

Financial proposal for 3 kW solar system

Technical proposal for 3 kW solar system in Pakistan

Payback calculation for 3 kW solar system in Pakistan

What is the cost of 3KW solar system in Pakistan?

The most important factor is knowing where they can be used most effectively to maximize their benefits. Over a lifetime of 25 years of energy production, a 3kv solar system generates 91,678 kWh and saves PKR 3,390,020/-. Additionally, it saves 55.40 tonnes of carbon over its lifetime. Small homes are best suited for 3 kW solar systems because of their size. With this technology, households with low electricity costs can afford to harness the power of the sun and increase their savings. 3kW solar systems come in three types and are mainly used in the domestic sector.

Types provided are 3 KW On Grid Solar System of Pakistan.

These grid tie systems rely on nearby grid stations for efficient operation. They use this advantage, which is attached to them, to store surplus production. A net metering system keeps track of all units delivered, so the customer can get credit.

Premier Energy is excellent and competitive. Pakistan’s off-grid 3 kw solar system is opposed to off-grid solar inverters and on-grid solar inverters. On the other hand, they can operate without being connected to the utility phase line. The 3kW system converts electricity from the PV plates into AC power and delivers it to a charge bank or battery.

3 KW off grid solar system.

Since Off grid system Connected to batteries that can store energy, grid connection is unnecessary. Off-grid solutions can be backups during power shedding and blackouts. However, net metering is not an option in this system. Off grid 3kW solar power system from Premium Solar is the most cost effective and reliable option in Pakistan. 3kv Hybrid Solar System Hybrid Inverters of Pakistan are called multimode inverters due to their design and benefits. Basically, it is a wise choice or a vitality that serves two purposes. The battery and solar PV panels provide energy for the hybrid 3 kW solar system.

Additionally, PV panels are managed by inverters. When these inverters are connected to the solar system, the batteries are charged by solar energy or grid electricity. It can work as a 3 kW solar system on and off the grid.

3KW solar power system in Pakistan save 300-350 units of electricity per month.

Different solar inverters

There are many solar inverters operating in Pakistan, such as the world’s best solar inverter manufacturers, including the following:

On Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan Tranenergy Solar Inverters Good Hum Solar Inverters Fronius Solar Inverters

  • Suntone Solar Inverters Solis Solar Inverters
  • ABB Solar Inverters Infinity Solar Inverters
  • Hybrid Solar Inverters In Pakistan Infini Solar Inverters

Off Grid Solar Inverters in Pakistan Expert Solar Inverters Infini Solar Inverters Following are the devices you can use with 3kw solar system: Devices

  • Number of fans 3
  • Lights 7
  • AC or Iron (You can only use one device at a time)
  • Refrigerator 1
  • Water pump 1
  • LED TV 1
  • Washing machine 1

There are multiple vendors, and each has a unique pricing structure. On the other hand, some sellers have established solid relationships with foreign solar product suppliers and offer the most affordable prices to Pakistanis. These sellers provide cheapest 3kW solar system in Pakistan. Thanks to an excellent warranty and after-sales contract, your solar investment with Premier will never let you down.

Details 3kW Solar Power Solar Panels Canadian Solar / JA Solar / Longi Solar Solar Inverters Online Central Monitoring Safety Equipment Off-Sales Service 1 Year Free Service Hybrid and Off-Grid System Price will vary based on batteries.

Production Table Description Value Solar System Capacity (KW) 3 Annual Solar Unit Production (KWh) 4,380 Per Unit Charge (Off-Peak) – (RS) 55 Savings (RS) 87,600 Payback Period 4 Years What Power Best Residential Solar System What makes Pakistan? Make sure you get the right solar system for your home, as you will be spending time and money on it.

System capacity for monthly electricity units in Pakistan


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