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Driving Innovation: The Power of Inclusion in the Future of AI| The Xperts Pakistan

Written by Azhar Farooq


A growing body of research points to this. Strategic and financial importance Prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion across the organization. During a recent ‘Diverse Perspectives in AI’ panel discussion, Joe Edwards (Director of Product Marketing at UiPath) asked senior AI and automation leaders a relevant question: Is representation as important to development within the AI ​​ecosystem as That it is for an organization?

Panelist, with tenure at some of the world’s most respected tech companies Jerel Hawkins (IA & AI Executive / CxO Consultant), Floyd Newsom III (Managing Director at RPA (HK) Limited), and Kenna Byrd, Ph.D (UX Research Leader at UiPath) shares his insight on why. involved in AI at work will lead to better innovation and efficiency. He also explained what executives need to consider when designing, testing and optimizing the generative AI that is revolutionizing the way we do business.

Representation is the key to a strong AI ecosystem.

One of the most interesting and most promising features of GenAI is that it is powered by natural language, making it accessible to more people, communities and organizations.

However, to fully harness this potential, AI developers, testers, and users must be as diverse as the technology it aims to advance. For one, it’s crucial to hedge against human biases that are baked into AI that learns from us. For another, a change in approach leads to stronger products and stronger organizations.

“Inclusion,” Newsom shared, “is a lightning rod for innovation.”

“Diversity is about everyone, and it’s not an opinion, it’s math,” Hawkins agreed. “Don’t take my word for it. Investigate the prediction theory of diversity…low ability solvers with high variability can outperform high ability problem solvers with low variability.”

And your people are more innovative and high performing. And systems, the better it is for your bottom line.

“There needs to be more honesty in the conversation around inclusive workplaces,” Newsom said. “When we talk about diversity and inclusion, it’s often framed as a charity act…but diversity is a smart business strategy.”

Clever, indeed. Oh 2023 McKinsey study It found that top-four organizations with the most diverse executive teams were, on average, 39 percent more likely to financially outperform their peers. Similarly, a survey conducted by Boston Consulting Group showed that companies with more diverse management teams reported 19 percent higher innovation revenue than companies with less diversity than average.

“We can argue back and forth about social benefits,” Newsom said, “but it’s also about money.”

Broadening the definition of ‘diversity’

We often think of diversity in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, and religion. But panelists suggested that definition may be too narrow. It’s also important to give opportunities to people whose resumes don’t quite match the job description. In other words, seek diversity in experience as well.

Hawkins, who has built his career to develop deep but broad experience across the engineer-to-executive spectrum, spoke from his personal experience in this regard.

“Especially in tech, there are these hidden and implicit personalities for characters,” he shared. what do you mean by that?”

As business leaders consider how diversity affects their AI-powered enterprises, Hawkins encourages leaders to look beyond typical role personas. Fresh perspectives from people with diverse, cross-functional experience can clarify the difference between stagnation and innovation.

GenAI can be an empowered equalizer.

You no longer need to be an expert or a programmer to unlock the transformative potential of AI — GenAI is accessible to everyone. And, if it’s created by and learns from a diverse pool of people, it becomes an empowering equalizer.

UiPath Autopilot™, a suite of new AI-powered experiences in the UiPath business automation platform, was built with this democratization in mind. From interns to CEOs, it makes every user more productive.

“Autopilot will allow people who are non-experts to use the system to improve their skills,” Bird said. “Take someone who doesn’t have access to a certain level of training and education… if they’re able to use something like autopilot to enhance their skills, then they’re on a vacuum. will go.”

The human and business implications of these ‘bridging gaps’ are significant. New communities will be empowered to innovate, bringing their diverse experiences and expertise to GenAI’s learning models.

“When I think about Autopilot and other GenAI tools like that, they’re an enabler for all communities, but especially underrepresented communities,” Newsom said. “Individuals who may not have [been] One can start seeing new opportunities involved in this industry.

Prioritize comprehensive AI now for long-term benefits.

Ultimately, time is of the essence. The panelists made one thing abundantly clear: Organizations ignore diversity as a strategic business priority at their peril. And, considering how quickly AI technology is advancing, implementing best practices is critical. now.

“People need to invest. [in inclusivity] Quick,” advises Bird. “As your team gets bigger and bigger, it’s harder to change the culture and its makeup.”

Hawkins agreed, and he encouraged leaders to understand the “why,” connect it to the bottom line, and then allocate resources appropriately. Organizations powered by inclusive teams. And Comprehensive AI will win the market and accelerate innovation.

“Diversity can benefit businesses both operationally and financially,” Newsome concluded. “It’s the right thing to do, and it makes money. It’s rare that you find things that align so well.”

Interested in learning more about the importance of embedding diversity and inclusion in their organizations and AI ecosystems? The full recording of “Diverse Perspectives on the Future of AI” is available online.

Watch ‘Diverse Perspectives on the Future of AI’ on Demand.

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