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SRC10000XLI On Line UPS 10KVA

SRC10000XLI On Line UPS 10KVA

  • LCD Display – comprehensive status at a glnce
  • High Efficiency Green Mode – longer component life.
  • Network Grade Power Conditioning – AVR, noise filtering and surge protection.
  • Communication Ports USB and serial ports for UPS management .
  • Generous number of protected outlets .
  • Convenient way to disconnect battery
  • Ideal for entry-level servers, POS & other small network devices.
  • Advanced battery management:
  • Pure Sine-Wave Output
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Technical Specifications

Output Power Capacity


8000 Watt / 10 kVA


Maximum Configurable Power


8000 Watt / 10 kVA


Nominal Output Voltage




Output Voltage Note


220: configurable for 230 or 240 nominal output voltage


Output Voltage Distortion


Less than 3%


Output Frequency (from the sync to the main input)


50 / 60Hz +/- 3 Hz


Crest Factor


3: 1




Double Conversion On-Line


Waveform Type


Sine wave


Output Connection


(1) Hard Wire 3-wire (HN + G)




Built-in Bypass (Automatic and Manual)




Nominal Input Voltage




Input frequency


47 - 63 Hz


Input Connection Type


Hard Wire 3 wire (1PH + N + G)


Input Voltage scale for main operations


160 - 280V


Input Voltage can be set for main operations


100 - 280V


Other Input Voltage


220, 240


Maximum Input Current




Input Circuit Breaker Capacity




Input Total Harmonic Distortion


Less than 8% for full load


Ak?ler & Runtime


Battery type




Typical recharge time


8 hours (s)


Extended working option for


APC Smart-UPS RC 10000VA 230V


Communication & Management


Interface port


DB-25 RS-232, Smart-Socket


Control Board


LED status indicator with load and power supply bar graph and On Line: At Power Supply: Change Power Supply: Overload and Bypass Indicators


Audible alarm


Battery-operated alarm: special low battery alarm: continuous tone overload alarm


Emergency Power Cutting (EPO)




Surge Protection and Filtering


Surge energy rating


420 Jul




Full-time multi-pole audio filtering 0.3% IEEE mishap: UL 1449's fast response response time:




Maximum height x width x depth dimensions


440.00 mm x 262.00 mm x 628.00 mm


Cab Elevation




Net weight


86.50 KG


Shipping Weight


106.50 KG


Shipping Height x Width x Depth


600.00 mm x 526.00 mm x 750.00 mm






About the medium


Operating Environment


0 - 40 ? C


Operating Relative Nemi


0 - 95% no%


Operating Elevation


0-600 meters


Storage Temperature


-20 to 50 ? C


Storage Relative Humidity


0 - 95%


Storage Height


0-3000 meters


Audible noise at 1 meter from the surface of the unit


60.00 dBA


Online thermal distribution


652.00 BTU / s






CE, CE Mark, EN / IEC 62040-2, IEC 62040-2


Standard warranty


2 years, repair or replacement


Sustainable Offer Status








REACH: SVHC does not contain

Additional information

Weight110.91 kg
Dimensions73.6 × 26.3 × 43.2 cm


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