EcoStar ESM-1000U 800 Watts

EcoStar ESM-1000U 800 Watts

EcoStar ESM Series is a unique inverter of its kind that provides a complete and permanent solution to power outage. Based on pure sine waves ESM Series is very energy efficient and generates maximum power output. The Series offers smart solutions from 600VA (480 W) to 1500VA (1200 W).

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Technical Specifications

Capacity:800 W
Dimension (W×D×H) mm:313 x 295 x 189
Operating Temperature:0°C ~ 40°C

Humidity:20% ? 95%?Non?Condensing
Voltage Range:Inverter Mode : 120-300VAC/Smart Mode: 145-285VAC

Rating (Input Voltage):220VAC

Rating (Input Frequency):50Hz

Rating (Input Phase):Single Phase

Frequency Range (Input):38~70Hz
Voltage (Utility Mode):Inverter Mode : 160-260V / Smart Mode : 190-260V

Voltage (Battery Mode):220VAC ± 10%

Frequency (Utility Mode):Inverter Mode : 160-260V / Smart Mode : 190-260V

Transfer Time:? 6ms

Frequency (Battery Mode):50HZ±1HZ

Wave (Utility Mode):Tracking Utility

Wave (Battery Mode):Sine Wave

Power Factor (Output):0.8

Noise (Output):? 55db (1m)
Battery Voltage:24VDC

Charge Voltage:27.6V±0.6V

Charging/Charge Current:10A/20A
Net/Gross Weight(kg):15.0/16.5

Packing (W×D×H) mm:420 x 384 x 275
Protection :Overload/Short circuit /Overheat


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